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2 Must-Know Online Dating Tips for the Ladies

Do you want to start dating again and meet eligible singles who live in your area? Then you should give online dating a chance. Having your friends set you up and going on old-fashioned blind dates is okay, but it’s time-consuming. First, they need to find a guy they think is suitable for you, then they must arrange you a meeting and finally, after a week or two, you will be going out with someone you know… nothing about?

However, if you are dating someone from the web, you will already know all about his likes and dislikes, so you won’t waste your time going out with someone you have nothing in common with. So, regardless of whether you are interested in cowboy, biker or HIV singles, online dating is something you should really try. However, keep in mind that this kind of modern matchmaking comes with its own set of rules, so stick around if you wish to find out more.

Don’t drag it out

When I first started using online dating sites, I exchanged messages with a guy for three weeks before I even mentioned the idea of going out on a date. From that moment on, I only got more disappointed because these charming fellows I chatted with online didn’t spark any chemistry in real life.

On the other hand, some guys would simply disappear from the face of the Earth the moment I suggested going out for a cup of coffee. I finally realized that it is better to suggest going on a date as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t waste time writing back and forth. I also came to the conclusion that getting emotionally attached to someone I’ve never met in person will only get me hurt.

Be honest in your profile

You put on a lot of weight last year, so it is better to upload those pictures from two years ago because you will surely get more hits that way? Wrong! Deceiving your date into thinking you are someone you are not can only backfire and cause you to end up alone and embarrassed. It’s always better to be honest about your looks and interests. After all, you want to be with someone who will love the real you, not the Photoshopped version.

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