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3 Things Women Shouldn’t Do on Dates, According to Men

Regardless of whether you are a part of the disabled dating community, one of the cowgirls or a fierce biker chick, first dates probably turn you into a walking wreck. Even if you are super-confident and ready to rock your date, a part of you is probably worrying you might do or say something wrong. Although every person is different, there are some things women do on dates that almost all men hate. Therefore, read the following and see what mistakes you should avoid making in the future.

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Texting on a date

When you are on a first date with a guy, all your attention should be focused on him, and not on your phone. Texting during a date shows not only that you are not interested in the person sitting across from you, but also that you are rude and inconsiderate. Unless you are expecting a really important call, put your phone on silent and throw it in your purse. If you really need to text someone or answer your phone, excuse yourself, take a minute to go to the ladies’ room and quickly do it in there.

Talking only about yourself

The point of the first date is to see whether you have some things in common and how you get along, so you would be able to decide whether you want to see him again. However, you won’t be able to figure that out if you spend the whole evening talking about yourself instead of asking him questions. He will think that you are a completely disrespectful person who thinks only about herself and he will never call you again. Therefore, take a breath and let him do some talking.

Acting shy

In romantic comedies, those shy and clumsy girls always get the guy. However, if you behave painfully shy and quiet on your first date in real life , rest assured there won’t be the second one. A guy needs to get to know you in order to decide whether he wants to see you again, and if he can’t get two words out of you, he will move on. Shyness isn’t cute ladies, it is annoying, so you need to brace yourself and push through it.

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