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4 Online Dating Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Although online dating has its benefits, sometimes it can be just as annoying as its offline counterpart. You need to browse hundreds of profiles, talk to a bunch of guys and then weed out those who think that the best opening line is ‘Sup?’ Then, you have to figure out which one of those fellows are worth seeing in person. And who has time for all that? Don’t worry; we bring you some hacks you can use to speed up the whole process and easily find your Mr. Right. Therefore, before you start using a free dating service, read the following and master the art of online dating.

Stick to dating platforms

We assume that you have Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp accounts, but the person you are talking to doesn’t have to know that. You will probably run into guys who will ask you to switch to a different messaging app, but this is not a smart move. If you keep your conversations strictly on the dating platform, you will preserve your safety while still being able to know them better.

Ask him about his current passions

If you really want to learn something about this guy, we suggest you ask him about his hobbies and passions. This way, he will have to come up with a thoughtful answer that will allow you to figure out whether you are compatible. It is also a great opening line that will help you stand out from the crowd and easily get his attention.

Say his name

It is advisable that you use a detail from his bio when creating an initial message. However, if you have been on the dating site for a while, this strategy can wear you out. Reading every single profile that appears interesting thoroughly and coming up with something clever, funny and original every time will ultimately drive you crazy! However, what you can do the next time you text someone is mention their name. Saying ‘Hi, Jake’ (or whatever his name is) will let him know that you are speaking directly to him, and not that you’re sending the same message to dozens of random guys.

Use that distance filter

Do you really want to spend weeks talking to a guy who lives 10 hours away? Meeting someone from your area makes the whole dating process far easier and arranging a meeting is a piece of cake. Therefore, choose the lowest mile range in the distance filter and you can always make the range a bit wider if all the guys from your area turn out to be duds.

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