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4 Online Dating Tips for Seniors

Even though many mature singles are okay with flying solo, others don’t mind giving love another chance in their golden years. And thanks to online dating, seniors can nowadays connect with like-minded people and potential romantic partners without leaving their home.

So, if you want to find a gentleman who will keep you warm at night, make you smile and be your shoulder to cry on when things get hard, you should consider joining some of senior-oriented dating sites. In case you need help reentering the dating scene, we have prepared several tips you might find useful.

Research your options

If you have friends who are already looking for love online, don’t be reluctant to ask them for advice and see which platforms they use.  Bear in mind that there are hundreds of dating sites out there, so joining the first one you run into might be a mistake. Therefore, research your options and opt for a trial before committing to the cost if you are interested in paid platforms, for example.

Write an interesting dating profile

Once you have found the dating platform you want to use, the very first thing you need to do is write your dating bio. Instead of telling your whole life story, keep your profile succinct and to the point. Make sure you list not only your passions but also deal-breakers. That way, you will avoid being contacted by members who are clearly not right for you. When you write your bio, use spell-check and review it with your friends. After all, those are the people who know best so they will tell you whether it represents you in the best light possible.

Upload a profile picture

Your photo is the most important part of your bio. If someone likes it, they will click on your profile, so make sure you upload a good picture. Seniors often make the mistake of posting photos that are several decades old, which can be misleading.

To avoid it, you should have someone take a ‘fresh’ picture of you. Also, you might think that taking a photo with your grandkids or your pets is a good idea but it’s not. Moreover, it’s best not to have anyone else in your profile picture. The focus should be on you, and you alone.

Don’t give up easily

It’s safe to say that you won’t find love overnight. Dating is a process and you will go on several bad dates before someone amazing comes your way. Therefore, arm yourself with patience and take one step at a time.

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