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4 Profile Tips To Get More Hits On Dating Sites

Several decades ago, being positive was kind of a death sentence, but thanks to modern medicine HIV positive individuals can lead completely normal lives nowadays. Heck, even dating someone with HIV isn’t such a taboo anymore. If you are a member of positive dating sites, you know what we are talking about.

On the other hand, despite the fact these websites are very popular, it is still hard to find love since you really have to make an effort in order to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are several online dating hacks that can help you increase your chances of getting messaged by some cutie.

Pick the right pictures

Maybe you look great in that photo where you are hiking with your hat and sunglasses on, but no one will be able to tell how you really look like. Choosing the right photo will increase your chances of finding your perfect match, so avoid posting group shots, too. Instead, upload at least four distinct photos of yourself and use them to show off the different facets of your personality.

Make it personal

We know that writing about yourself feels like doing your homework in high school, but if you focus on your likes and dislikes rather than on cliches, it can be kind of fun. So, let other users know if you like dogs, Game of Thrones, watching football or visiting museums. If you include a lot of your interests and hobbies in your profile, chances are you will attract someone who shares the same values. So you see, filling out those fields isn’t in vain.

Username matters

You can choose your own username on most of the dating sites, so think of it as an opportunity to get creative. Keep in mind that other HIV singles will know you only by this name, so try to keep it cool. Use the name of the character from a TV show you love, your hometown or your favorite hobby to create a unique username.

Shift your parameters

If you want to increase the number of users in your dating pool, just play around with the parameters. Simply expand your age limit by one or two years, or increase the allowed distance between you and your match. Dating is a game of numbers, so make sure that the numbers are in your favor.

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