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4 Red Flags You Should Pay Attention To Before Your First Date

Once you reach your golden years, you definitely won’t be willing to waste your time on bad dates and lousy relationships. But how to predict whether the man you have been talking to will be a complete swing and a miss in real life? Believe it or not, there are some signs which indicate that you are better off spending a night with a burrito and a good movie instead of going out. So, if you notice some of these pre-first-date red flags, it means that your match is still out there, among all those single seniors.

The conversation is kind of boring

Talking to a stranger is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but there is a limit to the awkwardness, too. For instance, if he is constantly giving you one-word responses and asks really boring questions, odds are your face to face conversation won’t be any better either.

Scheduling a date is already tiresome

Everything is okay when you are chatting online, but when it comes to planning an actual date, he keeps changing plans or flaking on them. You can enjoy talking to him as much as you like yet the truth is you will be hundred before you even meet him at this rate. If he keeps rescheduling all the time, either his schedule is full or he is not ready for a relationship.

He is an open book, and you have read it cover to cover

Being able to talk to someone on a dating site is great, but there is a huge difference between exchanging thoughts about your favorite writers and podcasts, and someone writing you a whole novel about their past.

This type of man usually doesn’t have a problem talking about his ex-wife or childhood traumas and thinks that unpacking your biggest secrets is a fast lane to intimacy. He is not deep; he is not even interesting, and he will run out of stories one day and you will end up with the biggest dud in the world. Therefore, we suggest you make yourself a cocktail and read an actual book instead of going out with this guy.

He is all about sex

Boys will be boys no matter how old they are, so don’t be surprised if some seniors are completely immature and even vulgar. If he asks you what you are doing after the date and ends his message with a winky face, you shouldn’t bother going out at all. You will only spend a boring night with a guy who won’t stop making gross comments and staring at your body.

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