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4 Tips on How to Get a Cougar to Have Sex with You

In comparison to all the other niches that became mainstream in recent years thanks to online dating’s massive strides, cougar dating is by far one of the most popular nowadays. The reason behind this is quite simple – it allows many men to fulfill their fantasy of dating or hooking up with a mature and hot woman.

However, this doesn’t mean that somehow guys magically found out everything there is to know about talking a woman up or “convincing” her that she should spend a night with them. On the contrary – most men still don’t know what do when they meet a cougar they want to take to bed.

Therefore, we’ve come with a list of 4 helpful tips on how to get a cougar to have sex with you. Without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Stand Your Ground

Cougars are, apart from being all super hot, very experienced and somewhat intimidating. That said, most men get scared when they’re supposed to talk up a cougar. The trick here is to stand your ground no matter what, even if that seems impossible to accomplish when facing a force as fearsome as a mature woman.

These ladies will know exactly what to say and in which way to say it to turn down almost any man and make him walk away with his tail between his legs. However, if you can show that you’re not in the slightest intimidated by their sly remarks regarding your approach, then you’re in the game and the real show begins.

  1. Complimenting with Intent

Now, here’s something cougars enjoy but it isn’t easy to pull off, especially if you want to do it right. You’re probably used to telling women on cougar dating club websites that they’re beautiful, astonishing, amazing, sexy, that they fit into that dress perfectly, that their hair is like a waterfall on a hot summer evening, and similar crap. However, we suggest you take a subtler approach that understands giving your cougar a giant ego boost without being obvious about it.

For example, buy her a piece of clothing that 20 and 30-year-olds wear. Ask her if she wants to go to a rock concert with you. Tell her that you feel closer to her than you did to any girl before her. These things indicate that you care for her, think highly of her and that you don’t care about the age gap between you.

Be careful though, as overdoing it and not paying attention can lead her to jumping to conclusions or getting the wrong message, which isn’t something you want to happen.

  1. Innuendo is Underestimated

Although most cougars will appreciate if a guy gets straight to the point without much beating around the bush, they also respond great to sexual innuendo – if it’s done tactfully, of course.

Playing these small games is really hot and can change the mood in the room from “who in the hell is this guy that just came up to me” to “oh, this is going to be really, really fun in many different ways.”

If the latter is what you want (and it should be if you’re reading all this), then you have to know how to include some sexual innuendo into your talk up routine, but in a way that’s intriguing and makes them curious.

  1. Talk like a Man, not like a Boy

Finally, we’re getting to the most important thing all cougars like to hear, and that’s ‘real talk’. Not like “keepin’ it real, yo,” but more like “this here is my honest opinion.”

Many guys out there will attest that being as honest and real as possible with a cougar works better than giving compliments, allowing her to show you off in public, or trying to impress her.

Older women – as we said before – are experienced above all else. This means that they already know how men work and how to respond to acceptable behavior, which implies that you can skip over the pleasantries and the sweet talk as long as you avoid the BS. Keep it straight and she’ll eat from your hand – we guarantee it.

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