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4 Tips on How to Have a Successful Sexual Relationship with a Christian

Religious people, like Christian singles, are wonderful and loyal partners. However, they can sometimes be rather awkward and insecure when it comes to sex. They have sexual needs, like everyone else, but they don’t know how to express them. Being in a relationship with a Christian is a beautiful thing, but you might experience some troubles in the bedroom. Therefore, if you want to be with a religious man and have great sex with him, these 4 tips will help you to do that.

Tell Him That It’s Perfectly Normal to Have Sexual Needs

Every single person in the world (adult, of course) has sexual needs. The case is the same with men from the Christian dating scene. However, unlike most people out there, these men have a lot of problems when it comes to expressing their sexual desires and enjoying sex. The main reason for this is the fact that they are ashamed of their impure feelings. This is exactly why you have to tell them that having these feelings is completely normal. Assure your man that his sexual desires don’t make him a bad person. This is the only way he will be able to enjoy sex.

Don’t Initiate Sex Every Day

As you probably know, men who enjoy a Christian lifestyle are not like other guys. Sex doesn’t play an important role in their lives, so they don’t think about it that often. This means that if you initiate sex every single day, you will only annoy and offend your man. Therefore, if you tried to seduce him and he was not in the mood, don’t try again the same day. Give him some time and try again after a few days. He will respect your patience and kindness.

Make Sure to Avoid Fetishes When You Are in Bed

One of the most important things you should know about Christian fellas is that they are not very comfortable with fetishes and kinks in the bedroom. They enjoy simple and respectful intercourse. Therefore, keep it simple and clean. When it comes to positions, their favorite one is – you guessed it – missionary.

Don’t Talk about Sex too Much

We’ve already established that these men are not very comfortable with expressing their sexual needs. They don’t like to talk about sex, but they don’t like it when someone else is talking too much about it either. So, if you don’t want your boyfriend to be embarrassed or get angry with you, make sure not to talk about sex in their company. Therefore, if your best friend wants to tell you a story about a sexy guy she hooked up with last night, make sure your boyfriend is not in the room with you.

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