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4 Ugly Truths About Love and Relationships Every Girl Needs to Know

Love is great, love is divine and when you meet your soulmate everything in your life will fall into place. As if! Love is actually messy, and it doesn’t matter whether you are dating single cowboys or solo bikers, you will see that being in a relationship is not a walk in the park. If you are just getting back on the market, here are some ugly truths about the love you need to know.

There is a small window of opportunity

In the perfect world, you would be single your whole life, your Prince Charming would be single his whole life, you would run into each other and boom, you would live happily ever after. However, in real life, your Prince has been with more than a few princesses, and you must meet him after he breaks up with one but before he hooks up with another! Also, you need to be single as well at that moment. What are the odds for that? Slim, we tell you. Therefore, whether we like to admit it or not, meeting your soulmate is sometimes the matter of pure luck.

You need to be judgy sometimes

It is understandable that you want to make a good impression on your date, so you bite the bullet and stick it out through the whole thing, even when you would rather watch a snail race for five hours than listen to that guy talk. Then he asks you to a second date, and you feel awkward to say no, so you end up dating a guy who doesn’t interest you at all. Therefore, feel free to be a bit judgy and if your gut is telling you that this guy is not your future boyfriend, listen to it and move on.

Your partner might change

People grow, evolve, adopt some new habits and get rid of the old ones. Therefore, just because your partner is your perfect match right now, doesn’t mean he will be in a couple of years. If your guy changes and not in the way you want him to, you have two options. Either you will learn how to compromise (if possible) or you will break up.

You will get crushes on other people

Even if you are in a committed and loving relationship, you can still develop crushes on your friends, co-workers or random people on the subway. It doesn’t make you a cheater, it makes you a normal human being, so relax.

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