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5 Signs Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over

The beginning of a relationship is usually all fun and games. People think that things are different when you are dating someone with HIV, but they aren’t. During this phase of a relationship your heart beats faster, you still go out on dates, get to know one another better and you create first mutual memories. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever and there are some signs that you and your partner have become one of those boring couples, so stick around if you want to find out more.

You argue for real

During the honeymoon phase, fights aren’t real. You argue a little and then you have a mind-blowing makeup sex. Trust us, the last thing you want to do after a fight is to have sex when this phase is over.

The poop test

When you are at the beginning of a relationship, you pretend that your bodily functions don’t exist. You even don’t want to go to the bathroom in your partner’s apartment! However, you eventually begin to leave the door open when you pee and even use the toilet when they brush their teeth. If both number one and number two aren’t taboo anymore and you and your partner even laugh when one of you farts, your honeymoon phase is officially over.

Honesty, no matter what

You are no stranger to telling little white lies to your partner during first couple of months because you want them to like you more. Why do they have to know that you fell asleep during the last John Wick movie out of boredom, right? However, you will start being honest with each other if you have been together for a while. The moment you tell them you hate their favorite movie, your relationship will be no longer in the honeymoon phase.

He is comfortable giving you a Dutch Oven

Do we really need to elaborate on this?

You don’t feel the need to dress up

When you first started going out, it took you three hours to get ready for a date. However, now you just grab your jeans and a T-shirt and you are ready to go. Yup, the honeymoon stage is officially over. Welcome to the real world.

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