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5 Tips that can Help you Find out if someone is an Online Scammer

The fastest way to find love is to meet people online. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t throw your caution to the wind and trust every stranger out there. Unfortunately, the Internet is crawling with online scammers who will say anything just to clean out your wallet. Don’t worry, there are some ways you can tell con artists from the real deals, but you need to keep your eyes open.

Something doesn’t quite add up

Some scammers don’t pay attention to details. Therefore, you will probably run into fake profiles where the user says they are 6-feet tall and weigh 85lbs or something like that. You can always check if you are really talking to that guy/girl from the picture. Just ask them to take their photo while holding a sign with the words you choose. If they decline and claim they are too shy, block them and move on. Also, con artists will never agree to video chat with you, and they will always come up with a reason not to.

Google it

Nowadays, it is easy to see if someone has just downloaded their profile picture from the web. Just Google their image and see if it comes up somewhere else. You can do the same with their biography. Some scammers are too lazy to create their own, so they just steal it from someone else.

Knowledge about local landmarks

You can reveal out-of-country scammers if you ask them about some famous landmark in their area. Nevertheless, they can always Google their answer. This is why it’s better to use local dating sites. This way, you can ask them about some interesting coffee shop or a store in your neighborhood. If you claim you love that place with blue chairs and yellow tables (which doesn’t exist) and they agree with you, they are most likely a liar.

They request your email address

If they want to Skype with you or get your email address from the start, trust us – something is wrong. Especially given there is no reason to avoid chatting on the dating site itself.

They rush things

People who are after your money will compliment you from the start and tell you they love you even though you have exchanged like three messages. Although everything seems perfect, there is one problem – they need money to visit you. This is the oldest trick in the book, so don’t believe a word they say.

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