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5 Topics You Should Definitely Avoid on Your First Date

Have you ever been on a date where everything was going according to plan, you were having a nice conversation and suddenly your date’s smile turned into a frown? There are some things you just shouldn’t mention on a first date, especially if you are a member of the senior dating scene and therefore experienced. Anyways, if you want to avoid making the same mistake repeatedly and ruining your chances of finding love, there are several topics you should avoid.

Your past marriage

If you are dating in your senior years, it is perfectly normal to have serious relationships and even a marriage behind you. However, mentioning your exes can shift the focus from your potential match to your past lovers, and that can cause an awkward situation. Therefore, don’t let the ghost of your past relationships ruin your date so go ahead and talk about something else.

Family drama

When you get to know one another better, you will surely talk about your exes and your family problems, but the first date is not the time or the place to do it. Don’t tell your date that your kids are not speaking to you or that your relative owes you money. Instead, let your date get to know you well before you unload all the family drama.

Talking about third parties

Unless you are telling funny stories or anecdotes that involve other people, don’t talk about third parties for more than a few minutes. Otherwise, your date will quickly turn into a gossip session and you will come off as a shallow tattletale.

Political and religious viewpoints

Do these topics seem romantic to you? Although you should definitely have these discussions later, you should steer clear of them on a first date. In case you don’t have the same viewpoint you will probably never see that person again.

Money, money, money

Whether you are rich or poor, talking about finances can be very off-putting to your date.  If you are the one who is paying for dinner, don’t complain about the cost of it. It will seem like you are regretting taking them out, which is definitely not a way to leave a good impression.

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