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6 Reasons You Should Be Glad He Has A Female Friend

Does a guy you’ve found on TG personals have a female friend that he can talk to when he needs some advice? Instead of feeling jealous and blowing him off you should be glad! Even you can benefit from their bond, so be happy that he has such a good friend. Read the following and find out why your man needs a female friend in his life.

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She will mostly side with you

When you are arguing with your partner, his female friend will almost always side with you, because she understands your point of view. Therefore, she will be able to calmly explain to him what is going on, and let him know how he can make things better.

She will be the voice of reason

When neither of you is acting rationally, she will be the voice of reason. She loves her friend so she will listen to his arguments, and she is a girl, so she will understand why you are angry too. It is like having your personal judge.

She will keep your guy from making bad decisions

As we all know, guys tend to make stupid decisions. However, she will always be his voice of reason and warn him whenever he acts like a child. Let’s face it; he will listen to her more than you, so just let her do all the dirty work for you.

She will help your man dress to impress

You think that he picked that outfit he wore on his first date all by himself? No, she helped him get dressed so he would dazzle you with his appearance. When a guy has a close female friend, you will never have to worry about embarrassing you with his presence. You will always have a sharp dressed man by your side, so be thankful for his friend.

She could potentially become your friend

When you are in a long-term relationship, your friends become his and vice versa. Therefore, if you are looking for a new girlfriend who will understand and support you, she might be the one.

She will inspire him to do spontaneous and cute things for you

Unfortunately, all those romantic gestures we see in movies that make us go ‘Aww, I want that’ are a part of a scenario which was probably written by a woman. Therefore, if it weren’t for his female friend, you wouldn’t have gotten all those cute surprises.

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