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6 Ways To Dazzle A Shy Biker

Maybe you are convinced that all motorcycle lovers are outgoing and direct people, but if you happen to meet local bikers you will see that not all of them are social butterflies. Actually, some of these guys are really shy, so you will need to do everything in your power to make your potential match come out of his shell. This might not be an easy mission, but with these killer tips, you will get him to open up in no time.

Treat him like a friend

When you start going out, take things slowly and act more like his friend than his date. With time, he will feel so comfortable around you that he won’t have a problem with expressing his feelings.

Do most of the talking

There is nothing worse than sitting with your date in dead silence. Since he is shy, you will have to be the one to initiate the conversation and ask interesting questions. Before you leave your home, think of several conversations starters that might entice him to talk. For instance, if you ask him about his bike or road trips he took, there is no way he will answer you in just a couple of words.

Remember what he said

Shy people are usually not the biggest fans of small talk, so if he finally opens up and starts talking, make sure you remember every single detail he said. When your date realizes you really care about his opinion and he notices that you remember things, he will be more apt to open up to you.

Tell him a secret

Be the one that opens up first. Surely, this will make you feel vulnerable, but it is a great way to make him get out of his shell. Therefore, tell a couple of secrets to him, and he will surely follow.

Never break trust

If he said you something confidential, don’t go around blabbing it to your or his friends. Breaking his trust leads to breaking up, and that is not something you want, right?

Smart moves

If you have just started dating a shy biker, you can plan on dates that don’t require him to talk too much. You can go to the movies, a concert or attend a bike race. That way he won’t have to talk for like two whole hours but you will still spend some quality time together. After a couple of those, he will feel comfortable around you and open up.

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