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7 Common Stereotypes about Elderly People on the Dating Market

We often hear people say that age is just a number, especially when it comes to love and romance. However, that doesn’t apply to the senior dating market. Elderly men and women should be considered as equals in the dating arena, but unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Society and modern trends are often too cruel to senior singles and that’s why we see and hear so many stereotypes about these folks. On that note, we’re going to list the 7 most common myths about elderly singles and explain why they’re not true.

“Old People Are Too Grumpy”

A lot of men and women, especially younger generations, are convinced that senior singles have a bad temper. They believe that once people turn 60, they simply stop being polite, kind, and happy. This, of course, is a myth that has to be debunked. Yes, certain old people tend to be grumpy from time to time, but most of them are usually in a very good mood. They have their whole life figured out and they don’t have to work anymore, which makes them very happy. These people are accomplished in every way except when it comes to romance and that’s why they’re trying to find someone with whom they can share their life with.

“Senior Men and Women Are Not into Sex”

To be quite honest, sex drive can sometimes be lower among seniors, but to say that these people are not interested in sex is plain stupid. Even though they’re not as young and mighty as they once were, these grandpas and grandmas still have a desire to engage in an intimate sexual relationship with someone special. Young people are not the only ones with physical desires and cravings.

“They Don’t Care about Their Appearance”

One of the most common stereotypes about elderly people is that they don’t really care about their appearance. However, if you visit a couple of dating sites for seniors, you’ll realize that this is not true. Older individuals simply can’t look as good as young and in-shape men and women, but they’re trying their best to age gracefully and come across as beautiful and attractive people. Therefore, we can freely say that they care about their physical appearance very much.

“They’re Childish”

There is a common belief that old people and small kids are very much alike. People say that elderly individuals tend to throw tantrums and sulk when things are not going according to their plans. In some cases, this might be true, but most seniors are rather experienced people who know how to handle their emotions well.

“Old People Can’t Change”

You’ve probably heard this one a few times and you should know that every person out there, including senior singles, can change. Some individuals believe that older people can’t and won’t change who they really are, but that’s just a myth. Just because they’ve lived their lives in a certain manner doesn’t mean that they are necessarily set in their ways. Old people can change, all they need is a motive to do so.

“They Are Not Active”

Yes, it’s true that older folks are not physically active like younger generations, but considering the fact that their bodies are not that strong, this is perfectly understandable. However, it’s not true that they never go outside. These men and women love to hike and visit local parks and hike trails on a daily basis. Some of them enjoy playing certain sports, like table tennis for example.

“Older People Tend to Dismiss all the New and Popular Trends”

To be fair, of all the stereotypes we’ve mentioned, this one is probably closest to the truth. New music, movies, TV shows, and fashion trends can confuse some seniors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to accept them. They have troubles accepting them because they’re used to the trends that were popular when they were young. However, single seniors are trying their best to fit into this modern society.

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