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Being sad is not bad

Hipster subculture is so mainstream now, and everybody wants to be a part of it. Subcultures that were “in” in mid 2000s are now part of history. But we could not say that they died off completely. There are still people who are true to themselves and their way of life since 2002. Emo subculture is one of these survivors, who managed to still have one of the strongest group of followers.

We can agree that it is not so common to see emo girl or a guy on the streets. They don’t hide, it’s just they don’t have so many places to hang out anymore, because now everything is made for hipsters. Emos backed down a little but they didn’t give up. Proof for that Is in the midst of its popularity emo subculture gave birth to many dating sites specialized only for emo people. These sites have an option for emo chat, meaning people can chat only with other emo people. And that’s how this subculture lived until today.

Finding friends

It’s even harder if you don’t go out much. Emo people are not so outgoing and open to meeting other people. Especially if those people are not from emo subculture. People don’t understand why an emo person is living their life like that and often show very little respect for the way of living of emo person. And that’s just one of the reasons why we stopped seeing emo people on the streets. Other is that emo chatrooms took place of actual face-to-face conversation and meetups. The core difference is that in these chatrooms are exclusively emo people or people who are into emo people. Either way, both sides love that darkly sad look and they praise it. The best way of knowing if one is emo or not is to look up if they have emo pictures on their profile. If not, they are probably looking to meet an emo.

Finding love

Live emo chatrooms made this easier, but on the other hand, it could be said that emo people are overprotective when it comes to their feelings. Typically described as people who wear their heart on their sleeve, emo people are prone to showing affection and love, and above all, sadness. In today’s world, tears and sadness are considered something to be embarrassed and ashamed of. You are taught that you should hide whenever you feel lonely and sad. Emo people don’t have a problem with showing spectrum of emotions, but only to those who are capable of stealing their heart (from their sleeve).


Having so many emotions and not being able to stop them when they start running out can be exhausting. Even for those who have them. But being in a relationship with an emo person is a challenge for itself. It can be easier if you are emo too. But if not, you could find yourself struggling to understand the “other side”. There will be times when your girl will show you a bit of “mean look, mean words day” but on a regular day she will be the most precious black snowflake you’ll ever have a chance to meet. Maybe it’s dark clothing, maybe it’s a make-up, but these girls are often seen as angry and mean, sometimes even furious. We can’t generalize and say that all of them are cute and sweet, but most of them are. So, be careful, that heart on sleeve may seem very available, but it can also be in titanium box.

This “over emotional” thing is not meant only for girls. There are many emo guys who live in this world, and to you they seem just a little quiet and shy, to be honest. They don’t like to be exposed as emo guy often equals with gay guy. Although this has nothing to with the real situation, people are full of prejudices and love to stereotype others. Being in this niche is a beautiful thing, because you can meet so many passionate and sensitive people who will not hide their feelings (friendly or of love) for you. But the slightest chance of getting hurt will close their hearts forever. It’s something like walking on eggs with them, but it’s a wonderful experience overall.

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