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Celebrity Snapchats That Will Brighten Your Day

We all have those days when we feel blue. Watching a comedy or finding something funny online can be helpful, but we offer a quick fix. So many hilarious celebrities have Snapchat, and their posts will surely make you laugh. Just follow these guys and your day will get better in no time.

If you find these celebrity Snapchats, we promise you will have a good time. These guys are famous for their sense of humor, so if you need a good laugh just log into your Snapchat account. You can spend hours scrolling through their posts and having a blast.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (arnoldschnitzel)

This is one of the celebrity Snapchat names you surely didn’t expect on this list. However, Arnold is a really funny guy, especially on this network. He uses it to send a message to his friends like Sylvester Stallone on a public platform. All you need for a few laughs is seeing him recite lines from his famous movies.

Bob Saget (@bobsterclaw)

This guy has made us laugh for decades. If you are having a bad day just check out snaps and videos from this comedian. We guarantee your day will get better.

Kate Hudson (khudsnaps)

Kate takes up after he mother. She inherited her good looks as well as her sense of humor. Take one look at her funny selfies and you will know what we are talking about.

Chrissy Teigen (chrissyteigen)

One of the celebrity Snapchats you shouldn’t miss out on is the one belonging to John Legend’s sweetheart Chrissy. She knows how to have a good time and create some fun memories. You should follow her for hilarity and adorable family moments. She is known for being funny on Twitter, and that extends to her Snapchat account.

Hilary Duff (ohheyhilary)

You just can’t be sad while you are watching Hilary Duff’s posts. She will brighten your day in a second since she is a walking ray of sunshine. Add her and keep track of her hilarious snaps.

Jimmy Fallon (fallontonight)

You must have watched at least one episode of The Tonight Show. If you liked it you will surely love Jimmy’s Snapchat stories. This guy has a keen sense of humor, so having a good time while watching his snaps is guaranteed. His profile is an excellent way to see what your favorite stars are doing since Jimmy always has A-list guests. See some behind-the-scenes action from The Tonight Show and enjoy some backstage fun.

James Corden (Jkcordensnap)

When you are feeling blue just watch an episode of his Carpool Karaoke or visit his Snapchat profile and you will be singing and laughing with him in a heartbeat. By finding him on Snapchat you can also get all the backstage gossip and see killer selfies from his show.

Dwayne Johnson (therock)

His videos are something you just have to see. Although he looks kind of scary as he is huge and muscular, Rock is a really hilarious guy. Follow him on Snapchat and see what we mean.

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