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Why Date A Cowboy? Here Are Top 9 Reasons

Many women are attracted to cowboys. And why wouldn’t they be? Cowboys are rugged, strong, manly and muscular. If you need more reasons to go on a date with a country fellow, keep reading.

If you are tired of men who wear more jewelry than you and are getting ready for the date as long as you, date a cowboy. These guys know how to treat a lady. They are real gentlemen, but don’t let it fool you, they are no softies. When needed, they can stand up for themselves. And what is more attractive than pure ruggedness, chivalry and confidence? Here are top 9 reasons why you should give a country boy a chance.

Have you seen them?

Because of all the physical labor, they look like they spend all day in the gym. They are muscular, and their six packs are to die for. Also cowboys often have that mysterious look that makes them even more appealing.

Kiss the cook

If you find your western match you won’t have to know how to cook. These guys will never let you go hungry, and they can whip up almost anything. There is something extremely sexy about a man who knows his way around the kitchen. You won’t have to go out to eat, but when you do, be sure that your date won’t embarrass you. You can rest assured they have good table manners.

I like the way you move

If you wanted a guy who will be your devoted dance partner, it’s time to start country dating. They are graceful on the dance floor as well as on a horse. Perfect combination if you ask us.

Outdoor man

You can go camping whenever and wherever you want. This guy is a skilled outdoorsman who knows how to build a fire or find his way out of the woods. They can read the sky and they don’t need a smart phone to see if it will rain. These guys are perfect for city girls who are tired of traffic jams and crowded places.

Chivalry isn’t dead

Their momma has taught them well. These guys know to treat a lady and act like real gentleman. They respect women and are always ready to defend their honor. And you thought chivalry was dead.

You don’t have to worry about your family

Cowboys have a special respect for the family. If you take him home to meet your folks, be sure that your mom will love that he is hard-working, and your dad will be impressed with how dependable he is.

Animal lover

Who doesn’t love a guy who loves animals? Seeing him playing with his dog will melt your heart.

Forget about boredom

Every day will be an adventure with this guy. Forget about traditional dates. You will go camping, hiking, fishing, visit a rodeo and so on. Going to a restaurant is too mainstream for this guy.

You will feel safe

You will always feel secure with your guy, no matter where you are. He is strong and dependent, and he will protect you from any kind of danger.

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