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Dating a Climber: 5 Things You Have To Know

Being in a relationship with someone who is into rock climbing is a unique challenge in the world of dating. Men and women from the climber dating sceneare unlike anyone else. They are adventurous, outdoorsy, and sometimes reckless. Dating a climber is an adventure that is not for everyone. Therefore, if you want to start a relationship with a rock climber, here are the 5 things you have to know.

They Are Great and Loyal Partners

Most rock climbers are outdoor singles who are looking for a partner with whom they can enjoy and explore nature. In most cases, these men and women don’t climb alone. They have to work with their climbing partners and they have to learn to trust them in order to climb successfully. Therefore, most climbers are good team players and that usually means that they are great and loyal spouses.

Climbing Is Dangerous

It’s safe to say that rock climbing is one of the most dangerous sports and hobbies out there. These brave people are risking their lives every time they climb, which is why being in a relationship with a climber is not that simple. If you decide to date a climber, you should know that there will be days when you will sit by the phone waiting for your partner to call and say that they are alive and well. To be perfectly honest, being a member of an outdoor couple like this one is a real challenge.

They Spend Thousands of Dollars on Their Equipment

Climbers require a lot of expensive equipment that will keep them safe on their adventures. Sadly, in some cases, this is not a good thing for a relationship because climbers tend to spend thousands of dollars every month on their climbing gear. So, if you’re not a rich person, you have to consider this before you start dating a rock climber.

Climbers Are Inspiring People Who Know How to Motivate Others

One of the best things about dating a climber is the fact that these folks are very brave and inspiring. They know how to motivate others which means you’ll have a kind, caring, and supportive partner by your side. You’ll have to agree, this is a rare thing in this modern society of ours.

They Will Spend Most of Their Free Time in Nature

As you probably know, all climbers are outdoorsy and adventurous people. These brave men and women are not interested in being inside their homes all the time. They spend most of their free time in nature, enjoying its many wonders. This means that they will expect you to keep them company and explore nature with them. If you’re not an outdoorsy person, that may be a problem for your relationship. If, however, you’re an adventurous person yourself, the two of you will enjoy a wonderful life together.

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