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How To Get Your Biker Match Back

There are numerous opinions as to how to get an ex back, but when it comes to bikers, things are pretty clear – the no contact rule is a must if you want your petrolhead to come crawling back. If you’ve lost your biker match for whatever reason, there are a few things that you need to do to mend your broken heart, and attempt to draw him back in, and we’ll go over those things today.

#1: No Contact For 4 Weeks

Many psychologists believe that the no-contact rule creates anxiety when a couple separates. When two people are so used to each other, any kind of separation creates anxiety, especially when there is no communication between them. Separation leads to desire, and desire leads to him missing you, but you have to be persistent in your mission not to contact him or return any of his calls or messages. If there are things that bind the two of you together, like the bills that need to be paid, bring the conversation down to a minimum, preferably via texts, and remain friendly. If you run your mouth with a biker during your separation, he’ll just be assured that leaving was the right thing to do. Confuse him by acting like everything is normal, provided you have to see him or talk to him.

#2: Focus On Yourself, Not The Separation

If you and your bike connection are no longer together because he chose so, two things can happen in the end. One, you’ll get over him in the process of grieving over your failed relationship, or two, he’ll come back to you. When your heart is aching for him, both of these scenarios seem to be a positive outcome, and they probably are. Whether he comes back or not, one thing is for sure, you won’t spend your time apart moping about the house. Instead, you’ll pick yourself up and go back to doing the things you love, in addition to eating right and being as physically active as possible. We all neglect ourselves, both physically and mentally, when in relationships, and now is the perfect time to get back to painting, wearing high heels, and eating steamed veggies instead of burgers, fries and sandwiches because, well, what else would a biker eat?

#3: Declutter Your Place

Clutter around your living space is often related to the clutter in your head, which clouds your judgement and prevents you from thinking straight. If you want to turn a new leaf as you wait for your biker to come to his senses or for the time to do its magic and heal your broken heart for good, you might as well clean up your place, and get rid of all the junk lying around, taking up space, and stressing you out. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away all of your biker’s stuff that he left at your place, but it does mean donating old clothing, shoes, and sheets, throwing away all cosmetics and makeup with a best before date from four years ago, and making room for a new beginning in your life.

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