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Get Ready For Your First Date With These Amazing 5 Tips

Getting ready for a date can be nerve-wracking indeed, and you can easily get carried away due to all that excitement and butterflies. Women will consider changing their hairstyle, makeup, and dress right before the date, just so that they could impress their date even more. Still, before you start to panic, keep in mind that he asked you out because he likes your personality, especially if you met through BBW personals and you’ve never met in person. Therefore, just be yourself with a touch of glamour and you will knock him off his feet. In order to help you get ready for your big night, we have prepared some tips for you.

BBW personals

Don’t consider a dramatic change

Do not experiment with the color or length of your hair several hours before your date. Instead, just have a lovely wash and blow-dry and you will look fabulous.

Forget about facials

A good facial can make your skin look youthful and healthy, but you should do it several days before your date. Otherwise, you are running a risk of having breakouts, and you won’t be able to hide them well with a makeup.

Doll up accordingly

You shouldn’t wear a long dress at a golf course, nor should you wear jeans to the opera. Being over-done or under-done can ruin your first impression, so always dress accordingly. If he is taking you somewhere, but he won’t tell you where since it is a surprise (don’t you hate those?) strike a happy medium.

Stay true to yourself

If you don’t wear a lot of makeup regularly, don’t overdo it this time. Also, if you hate wearing dresses, don’t squeeze into one just so that you could impress him. The whole point of your date is that he gets to know the real you, so make sure ‘you’ show up, not some altered version he might never see again.

First date essentials

Men hate it when women go heavy on the foundation, so don’t look like you applied it with a spatula. Keep in mind that a great lip balm, good blush, and high-quality mascara are a must. In case you need to touch-up your makeup during your date, go to the little girl’s room, instead of doing it right in front of him.

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