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Get It Straight: Truths And Myths About Fetishes

Fetishes are surrounded by many myths and stigmas, so even people who have them are often afraid to admit that. But there is nothing wrong with having a fetish, it doesn’t make you a weirdo or a pervert.

We all know there are some weird fetishes out there, but what does fetish mean? Its definition is often misunderstood. It is being sexually aroused by an object or part of the body. Nothing so weird there. There are many types of fetishes, some more extreme that the others. But what are the most common misconceptions about fetishes? Let’s find out.

Having a fetish makes you a pervert

Let’s be clear, no it doesn’t. Having a fetish is a completely normal thing. Different people have different fetishes for different reasons. If a person sees a specific object many times before they experience sexual arousal, they could come to see that object as a cue for sexual arousal.

Fetish and kink are the same thing

A fetish is connected to a certain object or a specific body part. Kink is used to describe any sexual behaviors that fall outside of the mainstream. They can overlap which creates some confusion. If you can’t tell them apart, just remember that all fetishists are kinky, but not all kinky people have fetishes.

There’s a certain type of person who’s into fetishes

Anyone can be a fetishist. There are so many types of fetishes – foot fetishes, latex and rubber, chastity, lingerie, diaper… You name it! It’s all a matter of taste and who likes what. There isn’t one type of person who is into stuff like that.

Fetishes are uncommon

Just go online and you will see how many fetishists are out there. Millions of people all over the world have fetishes. Some of them are more common, like lingerie or foot fetishes, and some of them are not, such as bug fetishes. But people don’t go on the street yelling what turns them on, so you might think fetishes are rare.

Fetishes always involve dominant/submissive dynamic

If a person is aroused by some object or a body part, it could be a thing of their own, they don’t have to involve their partner in that. People often connect every fetish to a BDSM-type fetish.

Fetishes lead to crime

Thank media for this one. You can always read negative headlines about fetishists who got caught for something. But there are millions of fetishists who are peaceful people and have no trouble with the law. But they aren’t so interesting to write about.

Fetishists have trouble with finding love

They are people who prioritize what they are looking to get out of the relationships – love and compassion. Their fetishes don’t come first. Yes, they would like to find a partner who shares or understands their desires, but don’t we all?

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