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Handling a Latino in 7 Steps

What does a latin woman loves about regular guys? Which men get her heart racing? When dating a latino you will need all of you skills and patience because they are like firecrackers – fun and explosive.
Hanging out with latin girls can provide you with tons of fun and pleasure, but be wary, cause their temper changes quicker than you can say: One Tequila, please! We made a list of 7 pieces of advice on how to handle a Latino lady.


1. They Are Late

The first of many battles you are going to lose, my friend. As far as the latin women are concerned, time is an abstract noun. When she says: “I am on my way” – she is not! If she says she is in the cab, she is probably still in her bed, waking up. There is no way you can change this. You can only appeal to the Buddha inside of you to give you strength and accept it with calmness and peace.

2. They Love Diversity

Being from a non-Spanish speaking area and having a different accent is already a plus for you. Latin ladies are crazy when it comes to another culture and they seem to enjoy listening about how your great-great grandfather from Ireland crossed the Atlantic in search of a better life. If you could sing them one line “Danny Boy”, they would fall for you like apples in the fall.

3. Don’t Force Her Spanish

It is a common mistake to insist from a latin woman to speak in Spanish (especially in bed). The most of the Hispanic girls are not comfortable with it, and your persistence can become awkward. If you feel that she is feeling odd about it, leave it be. It is important to make them feel pleased.

4. Family

Ok, don’t panic if she introduces you to her family too soon. Her mami and papi are really concerned about their princess and you should respect that. The sooner you get over the meeting of her million relatives she has, the better. The important thing is to leave a good impression and then the half of work is done.

5. Force Your Spanish

This one is directly related to the previous advice. She will not tell you that you should learn Spanish directly, but she will expect it of you. Her cousins are probably not proficient with English or whatever language you are speaking, so in order to win their hearts (and her), you will have to put an extra effort. The man is rich as much as the number of languages he speaks.

6. Mind Your Appearance

Latin girls are crazy for fashion and they have a tendency to be dressed up from head to heels even when going to the grocery store. This also is one of those battles you just can’t win, either you should try. Pay an extra attention to your style and try to do something with your own looks, otherwise, you will awake the latino dragon, and you don’t want to do that. No decent female latin lover will hang out with a slipslop.

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