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Meet the Biggest Black Flirt in the History of the World!

If there was ever a a black flirt that could be used as a role model for all wannabe players out there, it would definitely be the famous NBA star and womanizer Wilt Chamberlain.

Meet the Biggest Black Flirt in the History of the World!

Many of us know that finding that perfect isn’t as easy as it may seem. Although there’s a lot of black guys who claim to be “real playaz,” there’s only a handful of them that are actually worth the title. Whether you try to meet black people by joining a black chat website or you just happen to know a lot of handsome African-American men, you are probably already aware that not all of them are players.

And since we’re lacking some really flirtatious black guys out there, let’s take a look at the biggest black flirt in the history of the world – ladies and gentlemen, Wilt Chamberlain.

Why Him?

Even if you’re not the most die-hard NBA fan in the world, you’ve probably heard of Wilt Chamberlain. But as far as womanizing goes, it’s actually said that this guy slept with a whopping 20,000 women during his life!

Although it may sound like a bit of a reach, there is actually real math behind this claim. Chamberlain’s contemporary Rod Roddewig stated that the famous NBA player was often with more than one woman in a single day and that threesomes (as well as foursomes and further on) weren’t that uncommon for him.

As it happens, Wilt Chamberlain kept track of his love life via a Day-Timer. After ten days, there were 23 different entries in the book, meaning that he slept with 2.3 women per day. He divided that number in half in order to correct for degrees of variation, multiplied it by the number of days he had been alive at the time and took off 15 years. The result – 20,000 different women.

Pick-Up Artist

There’s no denying that Chamberlain’s star status greatly helped him get to the obscene number of 20,000 ladies, but it’s actually his own charm and skill that contributed to his womanizing success the most.

Annette Tånnander, a Swedish Olympic high jumped, came across the flirtatious NBA player when she was 19 and he 40. “I think Wilt hit on everything that moved, but he never was bad or rude,” said Annette later on, when she also described Chamberlain as a master pick-up artist and a person of extreme confidence and respect for others.

His famous romantic achievements even reached television, both in form of “In Living Color” and a ’91 “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which the basketball player who had five-minute romances with women was portrayed by MC Hammer.

How It All Ended

You might expect that a black flirt like Wilt Chamberlain could easily have married multiple times and could’ve fathered many children, but that is not the case. During an interview in 1999, shortly before his passing, Chamberlain admitted that he never even got close to tying the knot or to have any kids.

Although it might sound unfortunate by the end, the famous NBA star surely made a name for himself on the court and in the bedroom, which isn’t something many black guys can boast about.

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