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How To Seduce Him Without Being Too Pushy?

When they meet people online, some singles don’t date them right away. Firstly, they become friends with them so that they get to know them better. But how do you let that cute guy you met online know that you want to take a relationship to the next level? Here are some ways you can tell him that you are interested without seeming too pushy and forward.

Body language

When you go out for a drink, subtly touch your collarbone or hair. Flirty body gestures will establish you as a sexual being, and he may stop seeing you as a friend from then on.

Wear something sexy

We are not talking about high heels and fishnet stockings. However, bare shoulders, blouse with cleavage, skinny jeans or red lipstick can make you look sexy and attractive. Choose the option you feel the most comfortable in.

Look at him

Maintaining eye contact for longer than a couple of seconds can let him know that you are interested. Nevertheless, make sure you are not staring as it may seem creepy. Don’t be afraid to face him and look him in the eye. If you know how to raise your eyebrow, even better, since this move is often very sexy.

One on one

If you are just friends and you want to be more than that, go out with him. Only him! Group dates are far from romantic, and he won’t be able to focus on you or read your subtle signals.

Talk sexy

Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between talking sexy and dirty. You don’t have to be vulgar. Keep your voice soft rather than loud and lower it sometimes like you are telling him a secret. If you usually talk about boring stuff, you can have a conversation about your favorite travel destinations or something else that excites the both of you.

If nothing else works

Sometimes, guys have no idea they are into a girl, and they need a little push. Having a fling will make you exude sexuality a little more, and he will surely pick up on that. However, don’t hook up with any of his friends, do it with a stranger. If you have a fling with someone from his group, he won’t ask you out on a date even if he likes you.

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