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See The Everyday Struggles Of A Modern Day Teen Crossdresser

Our world is quite modern and advanced, no doubt about that, but unfortunately, there is still lots of room for improvement when it comes to equality and tolerance. For example, gay and transgender people are still rather discriminated by the majority of people all around the world. Crossdressers are just one of many groups who have to put up a lot of insults and injustice on a daily basis. So, in order to shine a light on this particular social problem, we decided to share some of the most common struggles every teen crossdresser encounters sooner or later.

The Lack Of Support From The Family

When these troubled young souls start expressing their true nature, they usually get caught crossdressing by their parents or other family members. Naturally, the parents are not able to play it cool and give their child crossdressing tips. No, most of the time they freak out and run away to collect their thoughts. The initial shock is rather strong, so some parents even try to judge and criticize their children in order to talk them out of the whole idea. They simply don’t understand that it’s not some adolescent phase. It’s the actual need to express their gender identity. This lack of support from the parents and family can have a devastating effect on a young and fragile mind.

Cyberbullying Can Be Pretty Damaging

These days, youngsters spend more time online than socializing in person. However, this doesn’t mean they’re safe from harm, quite the contrary actually. Millennials and other younger generations are extremely prone to cyberbullying. Especially if they’re different in any way. It’s safe to say that teen crossdressers are not an everyday occurrence and that basically means they’re constantly being bullied via the Internet. This type of harassment can be even more devastating than real-life bullying. It may sound far-fetched, but if you think about it for a second, you’ll realize that real-life bullies are much easier to control than the cyber ones. Therefore, the Internet represents a number one threat to these unfortunate little souls.

It’s Extremely Hard For Them To Find Love

Finding love can be immensely hard even for a regular teenager. However, for a cross-dressing adolescent, dating is almost always a nightmare. Even though dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex isn’t something new, these troubled minds are still pretty misunderstood. This is exactly what makes their love life horrible. In order to find love, these teens need to be completely honest about themselves, and that’s a problem because when other people see who they really are, they usually freak out and run away. On the other hand, some teens are scared to date crossdressers simply because they’ll become outcasts too. They will be known as “weird kids who dated even weirder kids”. Not many children are ready to be marked like that by the society. This is how things work today, unfortunately, and it’s clear that we have to fight for a brighter and better future of gay and transgender people. They deserve equality.

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