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Top 10 Movie Celebrities who are killing it on Snapchat

Before social media we would have to buy tabloids to see what’s going on with our favorite actors. Today, thanks to many networks, we can see for ourselves what they are doing. More and more celebrities are on Snapchat, you just have to find them.

If you don’t know how to find your favorite celebrities on Snapchat, we will help you. Here we have a list of famous Snapchat usernames, so you can easily search for your favorite actor. These are some celebrity Snapchats which you should check out. So let’s begin.

Hilary Duff (ohheyhilary)

Hilary is hilarious on Snapchat. She is positive and fun and she will brighten up your day. If you were obsessed with Lizzie McGuire as a kid, you should definitely look her up.

Dwayne Johnson (therock)

The Rock is one of the coolest actors out there. He is loud and big, but then you will see him cuddling with his baby and your heart will melt. Definitely check out his Snapchat.

Jared Leto (jaredleto)

Jared loves drawing on his face…using an app of course. If you add him on Snapchat, you are in for some serious Snap art. He actually hardly ever uses filters, so check him up.

Ashley Benson (benzo33)

If you love Pretty little liars you have to follow Ashley. Her Story is full of LA life and fun filters, and you can see some pretty great behind-the-scenes action.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (arnoldschnitzel)

Arnold is the most fun Snapchat user, trust us. He uses it to send a message to his friends like Sylvester Stallone on a public platform. If you love lines from his movies, you’ll see him reciting them, and his selfies are hilarious. Start following him now.

Kevin Hart (kevinhart4real)

Kevin Hart is funny off the screen as he’s on the screen. So it’s no wonder his snaps are funny, too. When he isn’t goofing around, he is posting motivational quotes and workout videos.

John Stamos (stamosofficial)

If you loved Full house, you will love Fuller house even more and Stamos for Snapchating every moment behind-the-scenes.

Selena Gomez (selenagomez)

Selena is the queen of Instagram, but what about Snapchat. Well, she is equally active here as she is on other social media. She is always busy with her singing and acting career, but she makes time to keep her fans updated.

Reese Witherspoon (snapsbyreese)

We’ve watched her in comedies, we’ve watched her in dramas, and we loved her everywhere. If you are a fan of this blonde, follow her on Snapchat. You will get to see behind-the-scenes videos from award season, her family, and funny snaps.

Kate Hudson (khudsnaps)

Like mother like daughter. Kate Hudson inherited her mother’s sense of humor. Just look at her funny selfies. You can also see music videos and photos from her vacations on her profile.

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