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Top 10 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding on a Budget

It all happened so fast. You went out for a drink with friends, saw a guy you liked, decided to date a cowboy, and now you guys are engaged and planning your wedding. You want it to be the most romantic day of your lives but you’re on a budget. Don’t fret, it is possible to organize a wedding and be frugal at the same time. Just stick to these 10 guidelines.

Limit the Guest List

If you’re unsure whether to invite somebody or not, think about this rule. Have you talked to that person in the past year? No? Then don’t invite them. It’s as simple as that.

Take Favors Instead of Gifts

Ask your family and friends to help you out with the wedding instead of bringing you gifts. This will take a lot of weight off your shoulders (and off your wallet).

Cater the Event Yourself

Try to plan ahead and cater your wedding yourself. Ask your family and friends who are good at cooking to help you prepare the food.

Don’t Buy a Lot of Flowers

Go minimal with flowers. Find a couple that you like (and which fit your budget) and plan the decoration around them.

DIY Invitations

Go to a DIY store and get some supplies to make your own invitations. Look on the internet for inspiration and include your bridesmaids in the process.

You Don’t Need a DJ

While it’s easier to just hire a DJ, you could also use your own stereo equipment and make a playlist that you and your future spouse both like.

Don’t Use the Venue’s Booze

Wherever you’re holding your wedding, ask if you can bring your own alcohol. If yes, that’s great, because this will enable you to save a bunch of money.

Look for the Best Deals

Shop for decorations in DIY or discount stores. Alternatively, you can also buy used items or shop online.

Save on the Dress

Try to find a wedding dress off the rack or on sale. You can also order dresses online which will take a load off your budget.

Avoid Mentioning the Wedding

Caterers and vendors tend to give you a higher offer if they know you’re planning a wedding. Try to negotiate prices without mentioning the particular kind of event you’re hiring them for.

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