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Top 3 Lies We’re Told about Online Dating

Online dating has been around for quite some time now, and even though it gained popularity and community members, it also suffers from being linked to a couple of urban myths. These legends are nothing more than prejudice that comes from ignorance and hooey, like saying that your palms will become hairy if you use the internet to try and meet people online.

Still, it’s always fun to look at these myths and debunk them, especially if they’re long-running and accepted as the truth. In that regard, here are the top 3 lies we’re told about online dating.

1.All Aboard the Desperation Train!

One of the first myths that ever popped up about online dating is that these websites have been designed and are exclusively reserved for the most desperate and attention-hungry individuals, despite the fact that this couldn’t be farther from the truth in reality.

Perhaps the initially targeted audience were people who didn’t have any luck in regular dating, but nowadays, online dating has every advantage over its traditional counterpart, which leads us to believe that there are just as many desperate nerds in online dating as there are in “offline” dating.

2.Only Liars and Scammers

Another great misconception is that online dating actually serves as a lair for mischievous, lying and thieving individuals who claim they are just like any other online dating while secretly trying to reach down into your pocket and steal your money and identity.

While there’s no denying that people like this exist (and that they’re getting more shrewd as time goes on), the vast majority of profiles on online dating websites are genuine.

3.Relationships with No Future

As a last resort, people who don’t believe that online dating is a real and effective method of finding love will say that relationships that start on the internet cannot last no matter what you do. In reality, relationships that began in a bar or at a mutual friend’s party have pretty much the same lifespan as ones that started on a dating site.

There’s no basis for this claim – thousands of couples that began their relationship on the web have gotten married last year in the US, and that number is only getting bigger with each passing year!

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