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Top 3 Must-Dos of Cougar Dating

Saying that any lady is a cougar wouldn’t be a true statement. She must be older than 40, hot and longing for more youthful men. You may find her scanning the local bars and clubs or on cougar dating websites, snooping around in search for young flesh.

Since these women are for the most part experienced and know exactly what they want, how to approach them is still a mystery to many men, particularly online on cougar dating sites. That is the reason we’re here to present to you the main three must-dos when you’re trying to meet cougars on the web.

1. Determine Your Goal

Before you create a profile on a dating site, you have to answer one straightforward question: what is it that you want? It might sound pretty simple, but it has multiple layer and it will determine everything you do from that point on.

We’re not just talking about what sort of relationship you’re looking for. What are you searching for in a cougar? Would you like to pursue one around or would you fancy them coming to you?
It’s crucial that you know these things if you want to be successful, as it will shape your experience. Then again, not realizing what you want can lead to one of two outcomes: you’ll either run away after being overwhelmed by more than enough options or you’ll get bored simply because you can’t decide if anything interests you enough. Needless to say, you want neither of these things to happen, right?

2. Mind the Age Gap

The most important thing that defines a cougar is her age, right? This means not only that she has certain experience and knowledge of things (as we’ve already mentioned), but also that there’s always going to be a considerable age gap between you and her. And while that gap will most certainly exist no matter what you do, you can still be mindful of it and know how to handle it properly.

For one, don’t talk about that gap over and over. She’s aware that you’re much younger than her, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to remind her how old she is. Don’t ignore the age difference, either. Recognize it, demonstrate that you understand it and be tactful about the whole thing.

3. Giving Up is a Big “No”

Online dating provides a unique sort of comfort in the form of allowing you to search for a cougar (or any other type of woman) for a date from the comfort of your computer chair. On the other hand, it’s still not advanced enough to completely remove rejection from the equation, which is why it’s up to you to persist long enough to find the right cougar for you.
No matter which website you use, there’ll be thousands upon thousands of women for you to choose from. Regardless, you only need one of them to say “yes” to you – but before that happens, you’re going to be rejected a lot. Just don’t give up and keep your eyes on that final prize, because otherwise, it will all be for nothing.

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