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Top 3 Tips to Get out of a Dating Rut

Late spring and early summer are usually not the periods characterized by a BBW dating rut, but you never know when a quiet period might set it. What you need to remember is that being on your own is beautiful, and there are certain things you’ll miss from your single life once a new relationship comes along. Below we discuss our top 3 ways to get out of a dating rut and enjoy singlehood to the fullest.

#1: Go out with Girlfriends

Whether they are single or in relationships, some of your girlfriends will always be down with going out and partying. Use this to hit a few clubs or parties in town, and have a great time as if you were all at your house drinking and dancing like nobody’s watching. Don’t worry about meeting anyone, and only focus on yourself and your friends enjoying the time you have for each other. The less you worry about your single status, the more you’ll cherish it, and it is bound to change when you least expect it, not when you decide that it’s time for a change.

#2: Do Some Solo Traveling

Being single is the perfect time to discover how much you can rely on yourself and nobody else to get you through whatever you have in mind. If this is way outside your comfort zone before you embark on a solo travel adventure try going to a concert on your own or go out dancing without knowing if anyone you know is going to be there. Pulling an ‘Eat, Pray,  Love’ might not be feasible for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go strawberry picking out of town where you’ll get to spend a few nights at an inn near the fields.

#3: Cherish the Time you have for yourself

Between going to work every day, seeing your friends and family on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping your home clean, cooking, shopping and doing all those little things that living on your own requires, there actually isn’t very much time left to sit back and relax. Those moments that you do manage to set aside to watch a movie, take a long bath or work on those aspects of your personality you’re not happy with are precious, and once a person who will sweep you off your feet comes along, you’ll forget all about every being lonely or scared.

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