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Top 3 Tips for a Lasting Relationship with a Cowboy

Your cowboy dating service of choice has done its job, and you’ve got yourself a dreamy cowboy to call your own. You’ve been going steady for a while now, and it’s time to take certain measures to ensure your relationship goes the distance. Below we’ve got our top 3 tips for turning a loving relationship with a farmer into a long-lasting one.

#1: Don’t Give up on Family Values

Cowboys are simple people and often hold conservative views that are less and less popular among the general public. If you want a long-lasting relationship with a cowboy, you better have strong family values, including putting your kids first, making sure the family is well taken care of physically, emotionally, and financially. Checking your kids’ homework is far more important than finishing your own work, finishing dinner or doing a full sink of dishes because to kids school should be a priority, and their priority is your priority, at least in the eyes of your cowboy.

#2: Make Home-Cooked Meals

Cowboy dating is actually quite simple, and if you want to win his heart and stay in it for as long as you want, you better keep his belly full. All the time. Get up before everyone else and prepare breakfast for the whole family. Make sure everyone’s lunch box is filled with healthy food, fresh fruit, and squeezed instead of store-bought juice. It is up to you to make sure you eat dinner as a family every night. Rest assured everyone will gather around the dining table if it’s full of tasty dishes and home-made dessert. Cooking with love gets a whole new meaning when you’re living with a cowboy, and he’ll appreciate it to no end.

#3:  Praise Your Man

Your cowboy will be forever bound to you if you’re not just kind to him, but also if you stroke his ego the right way. Tell him how handsome he is for no apparent reason, compliment his hair or his manly arms, and don’t forget to mention how attracted you are to him despite the fact you’ve been together for a while. Make sure you talk up his ability to make money and provide a good life for his family. Whatever you do, don’t criticize him for who he is or what he likes and dislikes, and when you’re not happy with his behavior, talk about it in a constructive manner.

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