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Top 3 Ways to Forget a Cowboy

When someone is larger than life, it’s hard to get them out of your head or accept the fact they’re no longer next to you, at least not in the capacity that you would like. Cowboy singles are super exciting to date and extremely difficult to get over, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Today we discuss our top 3 ways to put an end to your blues once and for all.

#1: Talk about Your Feelings

The worst thing that you can do is keep everything to yourself. Confide in a friend or family member you know will be emphatic enough to make you feel better. Express your feelings carefully and take the time to understand them. Analyze them with someone who can help you see things clearly or make you feel better by sharing something personal from their life. If you’d rather talk to a professional, you can find a counselor online, and book a session or two to get insight from someone who’s not biased by knowing you for years.

#2: Go Outside

Although one of the most difficult things to accept after breaking up with a cowboy is that the world doesn’t seem to be phased by your pain, do get outside the house and seek human contact. Sitting at home and refusing to talk to anyone might seem easier, but in the long-run, the outside world can help you put things into perspective. Your problems seem gigantic when you’re stuck inside your apartment all day, but once you get some air, take a walk around the block, and chit-chat with your neighbors or cashiers at the supermarket, you’ll see that there is always hope that tomorrow would be a better day.

#3: Meet New People

Perhaps it would be a good idea to cancel your subscription to any cowboy dating service you might have, and change your niche completely to forget about him. Instead of checking out other cowboys who’d just remind you of what you’ve lost, try a general dating site or app where you can meet all sorts of people who can turn into romantic interests. Keep an open mind, and let someone new into your life so you can put your cowboy in the past. It might not be love right away, but it can more than serve the purpose. Forget about single cowboys for a little while and give someone totally different a chance to impress you.

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