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Top 4 Madonna Shocking Moments

When it comes to Madonna, we can expect almost anything from this star. She is the artist with the most banned videos on MTV. Her hits Justify My Love, Erotica, What It Feels Like For A Girl and American Life caused a lot of commotion when they were released. However, this diva has sold over 300 million albums worldwide and won numerous awards. One thing is for sure, Madonna knows how to stay in the spotlight. She has been a major player on the music scene for decades now, and we she has one of the celebrity Snapchats we love to check out. If you love to read about her shocking moments, just see the list bellow.

Knickers for David Letterman

Many talk show hosts don’t like to have Madonna as their guest. She can be a little bit rude and unpleasant to be around with, so they avoid having her on their show. Letterman had the courage to invite her, and he probably regretted his decision. It was in 1994 when she came on his show with a pair of her own knickers in her hand. Although Letterman is great at his job, he was totally unprepared when she repeatedly asked him to smell her undergarments. Talking about an awkward interview.

Best actress

This member of Snapchat celebrities played Evita in a well known 1996 drama. She received mixed critical views, and she even caused protest in Argentina, since a lot of people there were unhappy with the fact she will portray Eva Perón.  She received a $1 million for her role. All of this is no surprise comparing to what came next. She was nominated for Golden Globe for best actress alongside Barbara Streisand, Glenn Close, Debbie Reynolds and Frances McDormand. When she won everyone was completely shocked. Well, Madonna probably wasn’t.

Pricey live show tickets

Her Sticky & Sweet Tour grossed a total of $408,000,000 worldwide. However, it comes as no surprise if you know that over 3.5million fans from $80 to $350 for a ticket. But since her fans know that her shows include wicked dance routines and shocking visual images, they were ready to cough up the cash.  Well, she already said she was a Material girl, what’s the fuss.

Topless photoshoot in her 50s

Not many women would pose topless for a magazine. However, Madonna did it, but the shocking detail is that she did it when she was 56 years old. She said she felt like being spontaneous. Well, mission accomplished. Add her on your celebrity Snapchat list, and never miss a Madonna shocking moment again.

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