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Top 4 Things Cougars Will Never Do

Even though many men would like to try it at least once in their life, only a brave few will eventually dare to date a cougar. There’s something intimidating and even scary about dating a mature, experienced and independent woman that blocks most guys from endeavoring into one such adventure.

However, the men who have been with a cougar know that overcoming that barrier comes with some major tradeoffs. For instance, no relationship with any other kind of woman will ever be as intense or wild. And while this means that there’re things you can prepare for if you decide to delve into this kind of relationship, it also means that there are things you shouldn’t expect from your sexy, experienced partner. On that note, here are the top 4 things cougars will never do.

  1. Enduring Your Craziness

Whether you’ve met her in a bar, via a common friend or on one of many cougar dating sites, you can rest assured that most of these women are no-nonsense and “straight to the point” individuals that won’t put up with any of your BS.

This includes being crazy, indecisive and unclear about your intentions, just to mention a few. They might be older and wiser than you, but they certainly won’t have the patience for your brain farts, so make sure you keep that in mind all the time.

  1. Rushing to Meet Your Friends and Family

This is probably the main difference between dating a cougar and dating a 20-something-year-old girl. While a younger girl may be open to meeting your friends and family, a cougar will keep herself and her relationship with you out of the spotlight – and she’ll want you to do the same.

Basically, what you shouldn’t expect from a cougar is her giving you too many chances to take her out and hang with your friends at the same time. These women have enough friends and acquaintances of their own and they will not care about your friends and family too much. Still, you can rest assured that they will care about you regardless of all that.

  1. Being into Your Stuff

One of the most common things in relationships is people adopting their partner’s habits, tastes, and opinions. However, this isn’t the case with cougars.

Anyone who has ever dated a cougar can tell you one thing – these ladies know precisely what they want, how they want it and when. This is mostly because once women (and men) reach a certain age, they have a completely formed personality, including their own sets of likes, dislikes, interests, and opinions.

While you may be able to affect a 25-year-old girl’s way of thinking or her taste in music, a cougar will rarely or never be into your stuff. Moreover, if she doesn’t like something about it, she won’t be reluctant to let you know about that.

  1. Saying “I want to be young again”

Being over the age of 40 is scary for some people, while for others it’s no big deal at all. This is one of the most defining characteristics of a cougar because a woman can’t really call herself a cougar if she’s younger than 40.

However, you will never, ever, in a million years hear a cougar saying something along the lines of “I wish I was younger.” There isn’t an ounce of regret in a cougar’s behavior in regards to her age, regardless of what she may feel inside. If anything, she will act proud of her age or she won’t even address how old she is. Either way, don’t expect her to express any form of nostalgia for her younger days.

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