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Top 4 Unconventional Senior Singles Date Ideas

Sick of book club meetings? Had enough of community gardening for three lifetimes? Then you’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for out-of-the-box senior singles date ideas.

Date Idea #1: Weekend Getaway

Who says weekend getaways are only for young people? There is no law prohibiting seniors from packing a small suitcase and going away for the weekend. This trip doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, but it can do wonders for the level of intimacy you share with your partner. Choose a destination that is close enough to where you live and doesn’t put too much pressure on your relationship. If flying away to the Dominican for 5 days feels like a huge step, pick a cute B&B that is near hiking trails, a golf course or a spa center for you and your partner to enjoy.

Date Idea #2: Music Festival

Contrary to popular belief, music festivals are not just for college students looking to get rowdy. There are plenty of musicians who cater to the older generation with lots of followers on dusty fields all over the world. Check out the festivals near you to find out whether your favorite musicians are making a pit stop there anytime soon. If you don’t have a favorite band or singer, you can always look by genre, and see if there are any good jazz or rock outdoor gigs you can take your date to. A live music concert will give you a new kind of energy, and bring you closer to your partner, helping you both realize that senior dating isn’t that different from dating at any age.

Date Idea #3: Salsa Dancing

If you and your date like to dance, seniors dance night isn’t the only place where you can show off your moves. There are plenty of salsa clubs around where you can go dancing and have a good time, and you’d be surprised how many mature singles do that. Dust your dance shoes off, get your groove on, and show your date those young lads have got nothing on you. If, on the other hand, those shoes are polished on a regular basis, you can combine your love of dance with your passion for travel, and go on a salsa weekend getaway to a town near you!

Date Idea #4: The Opera

Taking your date to the opera might not sound as such a revolutionary idea in the world of older dating as most of us have never heard of any young people going to the opera, but if this isn’t something you usually do with your date, it is definitely an interesting idea. Opera-goers say that Italian is the most romantic language in the world, which is why the opera sounds best if sung in this language, but if English is the only one you can find, it will more than do until you’re ready to take your date on a trip to Milan, Italy.

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