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Top 5 Drag Queens on Snapchat

What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone says “drag queen”? For me it’s Chandler’s dad from “Friends”. I don’t know why but I immediately hear Kathleen Turner’s cracked voice and remember the scene from Las Vegas. Always cracks me up. Drag shows are quite popular these days. What is so appealing about men dressing as women and performing?

At bars, clubs, conventions, and especially across social media, young female drag fans are appearing in large numbers. Is it because shows are fun and entertaining, or is it something else? Many girls wait patiently on sidewalks to glimpse their favorite queens, or view bits of shows on Snapchat. The rising popularity of drag queens made them migrate to this social network, where they can share their fabulous photos and videos with their fan base. If you’ve ever entered a shemale kik chat room, one of the drag queen names surely came up. If you do not know how to find them on Snapchat, here’s a short list which can help you.

Nicole Paige Brooks (nicolepbrooks)

Nicole Paige Brooks, born as Bryan Christopher Pryor is a female impersonator and entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia. This lady has the attitude, she has infamous laugh and she wants everyone to know that she is best of the best. Look her up on Snapchat and see videos from Nicole’s shows. You won’t be disappointed. You can also follow her on her shemale Instagram profile “nicolepaigebrooks”.

Jujubee (jujubeeonline)

Jujubee, also known as Airline Inthyrath is a reality television personality from Boston, Massachusetts. She is best known as a contestant on Season 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you are looking for shemale Snap sex, forget it, these ladies are too fabulous for that.

Roxxxy Andrews (roxxxyandrews)

Michael Feliciano, an American drag performer, is mostly known by his stage name Roxxxy Andrews. Feliciano is best known for appearing on the reality competition series “ RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars”. Follow this blond on Snapchat, and enjoy her videos and selfies.

Alyssa Edwards (jdlj01)

Justin Johnson, known by his stage name Alyssa Edwards, is an American drag performer, dance teacher, and businessperson. She was Miss Gay America in 2010, but she got dethroned. This drag queen is also known for her award-winning dance company “Beyond Belief Dance Company” which will be the centerpiece for a new web-series “Haus of Edwards” premiering in late 2017. Follow Alyssa on Snapchat and stay up to date with her projects.

Courtney Act (courtneyact)

Courtney Act, who was born as Shane Gilberto Jenek, is an Australian drag queen, pop singer, entertainer and reality television personality. Her Snapchat can’t be boring! As Courtney Act, she was a semi-finalist on Australian Idol in 2003. As this queen has a terrific voice, you’ll probably find some of her videos on Snapchat where she is showing it off.

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