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Top 6 Transgender Models

Have you ever wondered about the beauty of the third sex? Maybe you will say that this is not for you and you are only into girls, but one look at these beauties will certainly change your mind.

Most of the transsexual girls don’t have a public Instagram profile or their ts snapchat is almost untraceable. That is why we decided to give a tribute to those who deserve to be mentioned. Here is our list of top 6 transsexual models.


1. Jenna Talackova

No one can guess she is not a genetic woman, not even the judges of Miss Canada beauty pageant in 2012. Jenna is a famous post-op from Canada and confirmed it that year when she made it to top 12. She got the attention of media when she was kicked from the competition for being a transsexual woman. Because she did sex change operation surgery the judges reexamined her case and allowed her to rejoin the competition. Surprisingly, she won the title of Beauty Queen.

2. Marcela Ohio

Marcela is beautiful latina trans woman from Brazil, South America. She was crowned at Miss International Queen beauty contest for transgender in Thailand, as the most beautiful transsexual of 2013. A year before Marcela was also crowned as Miss T Brazil. Sadly, we couldn’t find her Snapchat account, so your ts snap sex will have to wait when Ohio makes one.

3. Lea T Cerezo

Lea is well-known and gorgeous transsexual model in the fashion world. This Brazilian born moved to Italy in her childhood and grew up there. She is also recognized as the daughter of a soccer player, Toninho Cerezo. Lea had her sexual reassignment surgery in Thailand, in 2013. This amazing girl made it become the muse of high fashion design house Givenchy.

4. Claudia Charriez

Despite the fact, Claudia was born as a man she is a transsexual woman that became a leading international model. Although she was kicked off from The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and America’s Next Top Model show in 2008, she managed to win the same beauty contest for transgender at America’s Next Top Transsexual Model. One look at this hot ts instagram and everything will be clear to you.

5. Ines Rau

This stunning 24 years old transsexual model, with French and African blood, was born in Paris. She underwent sex change surgery at the age of 16. Ines is a model that doesn’t lack self-confidence, recognized for making the cover of the American Playboy magazine. In one interview she mentioned that her inspiration is Caroline Cossey Tula and her book, “I Am Woman”.

6. Carmen Carrera

With a Puerto Rican and Peruvian descent Carmen Carrera worked her way to become a true sex icon. She became famous for her unique burlesque shows, acting roles as well as modeling career. Carmen is also well-known for her appearance in the third season of RuPaul’s “Drag Race”. During that period, she presented herself as a gay man and began her transformation at the end of the season.

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